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Legal International Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Guest Post Guidelines

There’s a lot to discuss and debate about arbitration law and policy. We welcome proposals for blog posts from students, academics, lawyers and all others who wish to express their views on various issues arising out of commercial and treaty arbitration.


We particularly look forward to posts which critique international arbitration Law, suggest arbitral reforms, and undertake comparative and empirical analyses of arbitration issues. Mere summaries of judgments and other developments should be avoided. That said, we encourage proposals which provide a critical analysis of recent judgments, bills, enactments, treaty awards, policy decisions etc.


Content guidelines

-The proposed post should include a short title;

-The post should be between 800 to 1500 words long;

-Please insert spaces between paragraphs;

-The subject-matter of the post should have a reasonable connection to International Arbitration;

-The content, of course, must be original. When referring to external content, please acknowledge author of the source material;

-Wherever practicable, all judgments, law commission reports, and other documents referred to in the draft post should bear a hyperlink to a publicly available copy of the document under reference;

-There should be minimal use of footnotes/endnotes in the draft.


Submission guidelines

If you would like to submit a blog proposal or ask a query, please send us an email at

We look forward to your submissions!